Monday, February 27, 2006

Why ethics matters so much

Couple of days ago I posted this, asking for your thoughts, and have noted a profound silence. In the meantime, Arthur Silber has thundered forth with a fine and pithy opinion on the subject:

Getting Our Hate On: Now We Are (Almost) All Michelle Malkin

"[A]s has been the case with every major controversy in the post-9/11 cultural atmosphere, the legitimate questions about the port deal are not the meat of the matter. They are not where this game is being played. The Newsweek story of last year was not about "press irresponsibility," although that was the excuse used to justify completely illegitimate attempts to intimidate the media into reporting nothing but "good news." And the entirely phony Mohammed cartoon controversy is not about freedom of the press -- but that is the cover used to stoke the fires of racial hatred and to make the very dangerous notion of a "clash of civilizations" appear to be genuine. See this follow-up post for more on the propaganda purposes served by the cartoon controversy.

So. What do you think? (Note: There's a COMMENT link at the bottom of this post.)

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