Friday, February 24, 2006

Shattered Glass

I also thought that Shattered Glass was a good movie, not one that I would choose to own, but one that is worth watching, especially in the setting presented to us. There were many ethical issues that can be discussed, especially with Glass and his fictional articals. Now, fictional articles are not in and of themselves bad, but to present them as true does bring up some difficulties. Maybe he thought that he wasn't really hurting anybody, but the whole story about the political convention and the mini bars really could have damaging effects, not on individuals who were of course fictionalized, but on the parties involved and their associates. It is also important to take into account the magazine, and those whose jobs might be compromised by such lies. Innocent as it may have seemed to him and to some others, it was wrong and very potentially damaging.
Another point that I found interesting was the "political" problem with disciplining Glass becaus he was so well liked. He had done wrong, but was that to be overlooked because of the good rapport he had with his fellow employees in order to keep them happy. I would have to disagree with that line of thought and say that what he did was indeed wrong and merited punishment even before finding out about all the other stories. I would hope that such dishonesty in the media would be returned with just punishment.

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mlwilson said...

I agree, I liked Shattered glass. I thought that it was crazy that a reporter could have gone so long making up stories and decieving everyone. I think that it is so easy to get caught up in a life of lies. After watching the movie it made me unsure of what I would read and hear in the media. I wonder if I have ever heard or read stories that were untrue. It is sad that the reporter was so well liked and had everyone wrapped around his fingers that nobody gave his stories a second guess.