Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cinnamon Danish

Cinnamon Stillwell, writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, has a good analysis of the Danish Cartoon Kerfuffle.


Nancy Williams said...

Excellent analysis - thank you for posting the link, Moulton.

quoting the key part... "Political correctness is another of multiculturalism's destructive offshoots, and there are certainly those in the West who would shield Muslim populations from legitimate criticism. But they are actually doing more harm than good. Much-needed reform will never be possible until Muslims learn to withstand examination like everyone else. Islam should be subjected to all the scholarly interpretation, self-reflection, humor and even insult that Western religions experience.

"Beyond economic need, one of the reasons many Muslims immigrated to Western countries in the first place was to enjoy the sort of freedom denied to them in their native lands. Turning the West into Afghanistan under the Taliban will help no one. While Islam may enjoy equality with other religions, supremacy is another matter. If we are to truly integrate Muslims into our societies, it must be on an equal footing.

"One of the most important and hard-won rights in the West is free speech. When free speech is chipped away in the name of avoiding offense, all else is soon forfeit. Western countries will have to decide where to draw the line -- or find themselves overtaken by tyranny. "

Moulton said...

The unexamined foe is not worth deriding.