Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Commentary on Cheney Story

The Christian Science Monitor has a good analysis by Linda Feldmann on the media feeding frenzy over the Cheney story...
Right or wrong, the White House press corps has behaved like a dog with a bone over the story of Vice President Cheney's hunting accident.

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dairy diva said...

Fascinating story. I never thought of how Cheney reacted was so interesting. However that comes from someone who really does not like to deal with politics. But I do have to agree that the whole problem could have been avoided if Cheney had taken responsibility and talked to the media immediately. Waiting made hime look bad and thus the White House.
On a personal note I do have to say that I am sick of hearing about Cheney's shooting accident on the news. I swear everyone I turned it was on T.V. I did enjoy how the newspaper were not as obsessed with it.
It just shows how the media can try to be manipulated by people.