Monday, January 30, 2006

roots appear

When hearing things like "ethical philosophy" it makes me think of something important and serious. However when I view my personal values I don't always see them in a serious note. Since growing up with a very opinionated family I was allowed to think pretty freely. That is within the perameter of a Mormon girl in a religious family. Don't get me wrong, I was raised quite well. I however feel at odds within even my religion and gender.

I was the only girl with three little brothers and masculine father. I was taught to do unto others as you want done unto them. However as I grew out of my little kid sharing stage I developed a more moderation concept. That finding a middle like Aristotle has proved helpful. However I always had a struggle with the gender differences. Then when Nancy told us about Carol Gilligan I just wanted to leap for joy. This could be something I viewed with personal experiences affecting ethical choices as well as your gender. I now must look into her more and continue digging into myself as well.

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