Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What to do next?

"That the truly probing questions are being asked by bloggers rather than by national journalists is becoming increasingly commonplace," writes Glenn Greenwald, a noted blogger who has just published a book that attempts to answer the question, How Would a Patriot Act?

Greenwald's blog bio says he spent the past 10 years as a litigator in NYC specializing in First Amendment challenges (including some of the highest-profile free speech cases over the past few years), civil rights cases, and corporate and security fraud matters.

Here's John Dean's blurb for the book:

"Glenn Greenwald has assembled a devastating bill of particulars against the Bush and Cheney administration's insistence on operating outside the rule of law. He has gathered solid information and marshaled a litany of abuses of power that make Richard Nixon's imperial presidency look timid. All thinking Americans must answer How Would A Patriot Act? this coming election, and those who ignore what Greenwald has to say act at our collective peril."

-- John W. Dean, former Nixon White House Counsel and
author of Conservatives Without Conscience

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Moulton said...

The Bush/Cheney Administration operates outside the rule of law, perhaps because they reckon that they would be ineffective and hamstrung if they operated inside the rule of law.

Alas, when they exceed the irksome limitations of the rule of law, they descend even deeper into the frightful chaos of dysfunctionality than if they had remained hopelessly tied up in bureaucratic red tape.

If one is going to break all the rules, Harry Potter style, one had better doing something heroic and marvelous rather than something idiotic and tragic.