Monday, November 05, 2007

Boston Herald Photographer Assaults MIT Researcher

The courtroom proceedings were routine today at Star Simpson's third courtroom appearance to date in Commonwealth vs. Star Simpson. Simpson's legal team submitted a motion for dismissal which will be heard on Monday December 3rd. If the case is not dismissed, there will probably be a bench trial that same day.

Outside the courtroom, there was a bit more drama, when an abusive and disorderly Boston Herald photographer named Michael Adaskaveg assaulted and threatened an MIT researcher named Ted Moallem, after Moallem stepped in front of the photographer, blocking his line of sight.

The confrontation continued on the sidewalk outside the courthouse, as Adaskaveg resumed his loud-mouthed and unprofessional ranting and raving when I walked up to him to ask him his name.

Fortunately for me, he was wearing a Boston Herald ID badge with his name on it, which I was able to read while he foamed at the mouth at me on the grimy streets of East Boston.


mike adaskaveg said...

The truth is that I was assigned to get photos of Star Simpson, who was taken down at gunpoint by Massachussetts State Troopers for fastening a bomb-resembling device on her body and walking around Logan International Airport. The horror of the event and disruption to travelers drew national attention. I was standing next to a State Trooper at the entrance to East Boston Court, assigned to get photos of Simpson. Moallem burst from the courtroom doors, pushed my camera so hard into my face that it drew blood. The only verbage uttered was that of someone in pain, as I was hurt by this man who was protecting the accused. The Massachusetts State Trooper witnessed the entire incident. I yelled in pain, and continued out the door getting the photographs I was assigned to get. There is complete photographic evidence, left in original sequence of this events for anyone who wishes to see it. The court officers later suggested that I press charges. I did not (as of yet) because I felt the man was defending Simpson, reported to be his close friend, and probably was not acting rationally. I am a non violent person honored with highest honors by my profession.

Moulton said...

I was standing there watching the entire encounter. I saw no blood and heard no cries of pain.

Rather I observed a loud-mouthed and abusive photographer level a verbal threat at Moallem.

Outside on the sidewalk, the photographer, whose Boston Herald ID badge I was finally able to read as he approached me, continued to rant and rave at me, as I asked him to tell me his name.

The name on the photographer's badge was Michael Adaskaveg.

mike adaskaveg said...

Mr. Moulton: In all due respect, you are not in close proximity to the event which resulted in me being injured. There is photographic evidence of the sequence of events with time recorded, preserved and archived here at the Herald. I was quietly standing where the State Trooper told me to stand. Star Simpson, and her entourage burst through the double doors, hands and arms flying into my camera. I did my job and said nothing. Seconds later you appear (thank you for posting your photo) in the wide angle frames of the event, when I was yelling loudly because I was INJURED.

Moulton said...

Mr. Adaskaveg, perhaps you didn't notice me standing there, amongst the others, but I was close enough to have been able to reach out and touch you. I was standing perpendicular to the line of sight between you, Ms. Simpson, and Mr. Moallem, facing the double doors of the courtroom from a position near the rest room door.

I was frankly shocked at your verbal abuse of Mr. Moallem, which is why I approached you later, on the sidewalk outside the courthouse, to ask you your name so that I could accurately identify you when I wrote up my account for the Media Ethics Blog.

Even as I asked you to identify yourself to me, you continued your stream of verbal abuse at me on the public sidewalk.