Friday, July 21, 2006

Senate OKs sex-offender registry

Abuse: The national database bill, expected to become law Thursday, also would crack down on failures to register

WASHINGTON - The Senate voted Thursday to approve the creation of a national sex offender registry and establishment of tough new prison sentences for offenders that fail to keep their listing current.

A child predator who kills a victim during commission of a sex crime could receive the death penalty under the act.

"We're going to get tough on these people," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Senate sponsor of the legislation, which he said would "curtail the ability of sex offenders to operate freely."

The House is expected to pass the legislation next week, and President Bush has said he will sign it Thursday, the 25th anniversary of the disappearance of Adam Walsh, for whom the bill was named. Walsh was the 6-year-old son of John Walsh, who created "America's Most Wanted" after his son was abducted and who was hailed by senators for his advocacy for the legislation.


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Patty said...

This bill is a load of crap and will not protect anyone. Like most of these laws it is only feel good laws. Gives you a false sense of security. I have never understood how being on the registry would stop anyone if that is what they want to do. Most, not all, would like to stop. But guess what they cannot seek treatment on their own because they will be prosecuted. So not wanting to be prosecuted they do not seek treatment on their own. Treatment does work for most. A study done by the Dept. of Justice found that the reoffend of sexual offenders was actually low, about 6 to 13%. You say that's not what I have heard. Well check it out. The high reoffend rates that are quoted by the media and politians due have some merit. Sex offenders do return prison at a higher rate, but not for sex offenses. They return for drugs, theft and such. Not for sex offenses. Also most of your child abuse is done by someone in your family or a trusted friend, not strangers. Stranger is danger is rare. It's just that media gives it alot of air time therefore we think it is the norm.

Maybe we do need to know where the violent sex offenders are and what they are doing. But why do we need to know about the consenual sex between someone who is 18 and has sex with their 16 years old girlfriend. Some states this is legal, some states not. Average age of consent in the US is 16, but some states are higher. On the registery because of the state you live in. Oh, and the bill has a tier system, I, II, III. It is suppose to tell you how dangerous they are. It is worthless. It goes by crime. Not the elements of a crime. So, a 16 year old girl has consenual sex with a someone who is 22. In my state that will make you a Tier II or III. It's not totally clear at this time. But do you really think that person is dangerous? I don't. Maybe a lack of judgement at the time. Or maybe the girl lied about her age. Or maybe they were in love. In my state with parental consent they can marry, so how can it be so wrong to put them the sex offender registry for life.

There is so much wrong with the sex offender laws and the registry. But it is a hot politcal topic and helps them get votes. Attached to every bill the US makes the incentive for the States to comply is money. If they comply within a certain time frame they get blank number of dollars from the government for each person on the registry and if they do not comply within that time frame they get fined blank number of dollars. So heck why not put the guys who relieve themselves behind the tree on the registry. It's more money from the government. Yes in some states the guy peeing behind the tree will have to register for 10 years. And the state will get money from the government. Your tax dollars at work.