Friday, March 31, 2006

Who's a journalist these days?

Do Journalists Belong in the Media?

As if dictates from governments, media owners and advertisers weren't enough. Now journalists face a new enemy - those pesky mobile phone carrying people, with their instant reports and commentaries. Where are journalists going to go?


...Blood pours from his scalp as he reaches into his hip pocket, just above his trapped legs. Grabbing his handphone, he clicks on the quick-dial button, giving him a direct connection to a blog server. He clicks on "video" and starts pumping live action online.

"This is Nakasuri Hirito, trapped in the train that has just derailed in Amagasaki, Osaka, Japan. There are bodies all over," he says, as he pans over the inside of the wreckage.

Within seconds, JapanTV gets a sms to check out The picture of the tragedy unfolding shocks them.

"We are receiving news of a train disaster in Amagasaki, Osaka," says the newscaster, as she interrupts the news bulletin. Within minutes, the blurry picture being generated by Nakasuri's 3G video handphone, is broadcasted live. Controls rooms in Atlanta, London and Kuala Lumpur, pick up the newsbreak and buy the broadcast.

Moments later, CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera switch over. The world holds its breath as the unknown Nakasuri Hirito beams the inside story of the battle to stay alive in carriage number 3.

The world has changed...

Former journalist Premesh Chandran says journalists must find ways of working with, instead of competing against, citizens reporting the news through their video/mobile phone cameras and blogs.

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dairy diva said...

I agree with Premesh Chadran that journalists are going to have to work with citizens using technology to report stories. I think that journalists can show that live footage as a part of their story. At the time it may be the only footage available so it needs to be shown. But journalists are going to be the ones following up on stories and telling all the facts and not just one perspective. It may appear they are going to be replaced by citizens with mobile phones but they aren't.

Journalists are a lot tougher and hard working than people give them credit for. They get ridiculed all the time yet more just keep on reporting. It will be the same with this new technology. We may see a surge of mobile phone footage on the TV but reporters are still going to have to write those stories and follow up with sources.

Journalism may not be glamorous but it is needed in democracy. As along as America is a democracy there will always be a need for journalists