Monday, March 20, 2006

News Media vs New Media

There are now an estimated 30 million blogs in the burgeoning blogosphere, and new ones are appearing at the rate of 100,000 new blogs a day.

At the same time, traditional main stream media is losing ground and consolidating.

Alan Saracevic muses on this upheaval in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Can't the media all get along?

It's no secret the media is in the midst of a grand revolution.

As with any major quake, the resulting damage has been severe. In the past weeks, months and years, the tension between what has come to be known as the mainstream media, or MSM, and its digital counterparts has become thick.

Newspapers are suffering and music publishers are litigating. Advertising dollars are floating from place to place, looking for safe harbor. And media consumers are drowning in a sea of information, unsure of what's trustworthy and what's false ... unsure of how to process all the data.

No one said revolutions were pretty.

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