Monday, January 23, 2006

Ethics, values and what not

I'm new to the blogger, as are all of us, and just wanted to say a bit about what I value, as it is a blog about media ethics (and as it is an assignment.) I would say the top five things that I value are: devotion to God, family, and friends; honesty; morality; kindness; and determination. I don't really believe that the media upholds many of these values in its pursuits, but rather values ratings, money, fame, and drama. The one thing that I will say for the media and its goals, is that it does value truth and letting the world know about what is really going on. I am happy that they do try, but believe that they are too concerned with ratings and sells to publish some of what they should. It isn't entirely there fault, as we as consumers determine what they print by what we buy. I won't say that excuses them, but it does explain their actions.

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