Monday, May 01, 2006

Who owns the media?

The problem with wealthy corporate media ownership is that they can spin the news in their own favor for their own personal gain. I hope that this doesn't happen frequently but I'll bet it does. For example... in order to get their favorite politician into office they might say or print over-the-top, wonderful news about him whether it's true or not and print negative news about the opponent. This is not fair. If they're going to print something it should be fair to both parties and not build one up and pull the other down. Even the most factual information can be spun and the truth can be stretched so that it serves the media ownership and their needs. Therefore we may be getting a view that is lop-sided. Some journalists may be writing stories that don't sit well with their values...only to keep their jobs. The consumers don't have to get sucked into believing everything they read. If they don't like what they read....nothing forces them to accept it.

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