Monday, May 01, 2006

Sex Offenders...Out of Luck!

I'm sure it isn't much fun living under a microscope if you're a convicted sex offender. On the state sex offender Web site the personal information is there for all to see. All of their personal information is there for our protection. We, the innocent law-abiding citizens, deserve to know if there are predators in our midst. We need to know their faces and addresses and the cars they drive to protect our children. It is sad that we live in such a world where we have to educate our children at such a young age about these "adult" issues. But education is power. Sex offenders live in every neighborhood and I want to know where they are in my neighborhood. I was saddened to hear of the unfair murder of two men in Maine last month. Their killer found the names and locations on the sex offender Web site and tracked them down. Vigilante justice is an issue when dealing with those that commit such horrific sex crimes against others...usually others that cannot defend themselves. But overall, the Web site protects the vast majority and may harm only the minority. In this case, the Utilitarian theory holds true with me. However, if it were up to me...I would re-think the offenses and only list the very severe and horrific and repeated cases (but who decides what those are?)---not the John Doe back in my college days who took a pee in the shrubs outside the White Owl at closing time and got busted for " indecent exposure." There would always be a "gray area" concerning what is "bad" enough to list and what is insignificant. That's because we all have different value systems.

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Kat said...

You made the statement that "Education is power" and I completely agree. Not just in the situation with the sex-offender registry, but in most aspects of life and society. That is why the media is such an important and powerful outlet. That is where so much information and "education" comes from for people. That is why the media has such a huge responsibility to their code of ethics, and the values of truth, accuracy, equity, conflict and the others. That is why they have to be loyal, first and foremost, to the public. They don't provide all of the education, but they provide enough of it that they are giving the people its power.