Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Risking Lives?

I think that it is very unfair of a journalist to ask someone to risk anything for a story. Why should someone be in danger or do something they do not want to do so a story can be printed. Maybe I feel this way because I am not a journalism major. Especially after watching the movie The Killing Fields I feel like this is absurd. I know that I would not risk anything for a story. I think it is different if it is someone on the your media team because they are working towards the some purpose you are but I think that if it gets crazy enough and they want to stop the story because they feel like they are risking too much then I think that is fine.

I would not give the western media a good grade. I do not feel like the people in the Eatern culture are portrayed like they should be. I think that the media lets their opinions get in the way. Whether they are stressing frustration towards the White House or portraying the war in a different light, I feel like these opinions get in the way.

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