Monday, May 01, 2006

motives...our inner drive

Our motives lead us to what we will do and how we will do it. When I think of a motive I think of an inner part of us that drives us. Our motive give us the incentive to act. It is the impulse that forces us to move. So basically our motive defines the way we behave. If our motive is negative or underhanded or self-serving, then our actions will sometimes reflect those values. But not always. In some cases, a person can come across to others looking like their motive is so genuine and true when in reality there is often an "ulterior" motive driving those actions along that is not ethical or upstanding at all. This hidden agenda shows what our true colors are....with no sincerity or character. Consequences, (especially the fear of negative ones) can have an impact on our actions. Every action has a reaction and consequences can and do affect the actions of some....but for the most part I think that our values and morals are the forces that mold what our motives will be in any given situation.

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