Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Conflict seems to me like a news value that is regularly seen in publications. Editors seem to love publishing information about arguments or stories with diverse views. This value, however, does seem to produce a little of conflict for reporters themselves. Which side of the story should be told, and who should be used as sources?

My opinion is that journalists should do the same in conflict stories as in every other story. They shouldn't tell both sides of the story- they should tell all sides to it. Although some situations may seem to be only two-sided, journalists should research to find out if any other opinion could be included with the information. Regarding sources- journalists should find knowledgable sources for each side to a story. Sources should be authorities on the subject. It would be unfair to have a university professor back up one side with very detailed information while an unknowledgable person backs up another with vague ideas and strict opinions. Journalists should search to find sources that will give the best equality in a story, giving the readers the best way to decide about the conflict themselves. This gives both the audience and those representing the sides of conflict a fairer publication.

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