Monday, April 03, 2006

UTAH"S New state Slogan...Coming April 5th!

I read a good article on the opinion page of the Herald Journal on March the 9th. It was written by Kathy Archer and was about advertising and slogans. We had just discussed Advertising and P.R. in class on the previous Tuesday, so it caught my eye.
One way advertising has been described is: The science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it. The marketing people spend millions of dollars researching colors, shapes, designs, and symbols that affect our preferences, with the goal that we will feel warm and trusting and then ultimately....we will BUY! One way to get the public's attention is to use slogans. They can be quirky, simplistic, romantic and emotional. They catch our attention.
The Tourism Council of Utah has decided that more people need to visit (or move to) our wonderful state to drop some money here so the state needs a catchy new slogan to draw the masses. (We the taxpayers are pitching in to the tune of 18 million dollars for this marketing makeover!!!!) Here are some slogans that Utah has previously tried. 1. Utah, The Friendly State 2. Ski Utah 3. The Greatest Snow on Earth 4. A Pretty, Great State 5.Utah! Where Ideas Connect....This is our current slogan. Who knew? Yeah..we need a new one. On April 5th, 2006 our new state slogan will be announced. Here are some ideas that were overlooked. 1.Gateway to Idaho 2. Don't Judge Us by Colorado City 3. We put the "FUN" in Fundamentalist 4.Liquor Laws like a Bible-Belt State, Minus the Humidity 5. Gosh, Utah's a Heckuva Nice Place! Watch for television spots and magazine advertisements .....Coming Soon!

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