Monday, April 24, 2006

Sex Offenders

Goodness, this is some crazy stuff! I definitely think sex offenders give away their privacy when they choose to violate the law in such a way. Just like murderers and thieves are named in the newspaper, sex offenders are as well. And once their names are out, it's public information. And public information can't just all of a sudden be private again.

With regards to the registry, I'm not exactly sure of my feelings. Yes, the public information is just being kept public and easily accessible, but I don't necessarily think that all offenders should be on the registry for their entire lives. If a man is on the list for sexually engaging with a 15-year-old girl, he deserves to be publicly acknowledged as an offender. However, like the case of one man, if the girl later becomes his wife and has children with him, I do think there should be a way for him to be removed off of the list. It's all a matter of situation. In another case, let's say armed rape, the offender should stay on that list forever, no matter how much jail time served.

I know we all love Pak, myself especially, but I have wondered what that girl thinks if she sees on TV, with hundreds of supporting fans, the man who held a knife to her and raped her.


Nancy Williams said...

Clue me in, please. Who is "Pak" - and why does everyone love him if he's a rapist??

bekah said...

David Pak was one of the starters for the USU basketball team for the past couple years. He was in jail for something like 8 or 9 years, but now there are stories about him getting a second chance at USU. Although most students know that he raped a girl (there was actually a story in The Statesman either last year or this year), it seems that the school has accepted him and supported him in making his life better. I know of quite a few fans of his, some liking his "bad boy" image.

tyandnan said...

The situation with Pak is definately interesting and raises some valid questions. I like what has been said about the victim and her feelings in the situation. Really, she is of great importance in the decision to let Pak play and to publicise this whole thing. I believe it will affect her deeply, but I hope that she can also take it somewhat from Pak's side. He made a bad mistake, one not at all easily forgiven. But is it fair to say that a person can never change and never give them the chance. Maybe for her it is, but for the rest of us? People make mistakes, some very bad as in this instance. He served his time in prison and was released for a reason. Maybe he has changed completely. Maybe he has felt a remorse for his actions beyond what any of us has ever felt. Maybe his victim can and has forgiven him. I don't know. It is a very difficult circumstance, and I hope that it hasn't further damaged the poor, raped girl. I do also believe, however, in second chances.