Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Sex Offender Registry is a load of crap....

This registry is nothing more than harrassment. I am sure, that at one point it was a stellar idea that had a good impact. Now it's run by a group of man-hating socialists who would rather ruin peoples' lives than actually do good in our society.

My friend's brother is a good example of this, and his situation is not the first that I have seen. He met this lovely 19 year old girl on the internet. One day they decided to meet up, and do "stuff." A month later he gets a phone call from the police department telling him that they have some information about his car that was recently vandalized. He went in to meet up with the police and was arrested on felony rape charges. They used a car vandalism that had happened months prior as an excuse to get him to the jail. which I find lame.

Come to find out, this girl was 14. She had gotten pregnant, and told her family that she had been raped. Now what's even better, three other guys had "raped" her at different times throughout the month, and all had met her online, thinking she was 19. All four were prosecuted and sent to prison. His charges had been reduced to a misdemeanor. When he was released from prison, he had his picture taken, and was put on the website.

But alas, the charges on the website said something along the lines of Felony rape of a child. So the guy calls in, and the lady said that they don't put the final charges on the website, only the initial charges. Which pretty much tells me that they put the worse charges possible online, to show how bad these terrible people are.

It's a sham. No other criminals are registered and tormented. There were a group of kids in my high school who terrorized dozens of other students. They were arrested on many occasions, why weren't they on some sort of registry? I understand that rape is a very tramatic thing, but it isn't the only crime that can ruin a person's life and make them always look behind their back.

I feel this system is not in place for the good of society, rather in place as a mouthpiece for a small group to wave power in front of another group. On it's current premise, this system is highly unethical in my opinion.

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