Friday, April 14, 2006

Sex Offender Registery Registers Offensively

Well, that is a tricky little title, isn't it? All right, it seems that we all seem to be having the same kind of thoughts regarding the SOR. It seems that a majority of us seem opposed to it, and I'm part of that. Although I think it's somewhat of a good idea, I don't think it's fair. Perhaps that's not the best word. The fact is once an offender is in that thing, that person is in there for good, regardless of any changes her of she has made in life. The person could be completely different ten, five, or even a year later. Of course, we have to take into account those that do not change their ways, but still, I don't approve of the registry.

I'm sure we all have similar stories to this one, but I have a friend who arranged to meet a girl he was chatting with on the Internet. Admittedly, I'm not sure what she had claimed her age to be, but let's continue. It ended up being a set-up, and now my acquaintance will have to have his face on the registry, as well, despite his seemingly upstanding character. Which brings up another point, is it fair to place the faces of those who have done practically nothing to the faces of those who have done, well, something?

Perhaps it will be different when I'm a parent, but for now the system just seems a little unfair. What do you all think?

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smokey said...

I have read with interest a bunch of the entries concerning the Sex Offender Registry. I can agree with just about every comment made.

Like others, my biggest concern is about those souls who are there for petty, innocent, and juvenile things.

There certainly are ethical issues concerning the possibility of an innocent person being put on the registry because of misunderstanding.

I liked Dave K's suggestions of right to know. You can't lock up the information too tightly, but provide just a small bit of protection for the innocent and repentant.

I have not even looked at the registry - think because I have not felt the need to know. It's kind of a principle thing to me. Someday I'll take a peek.

Now, here is my morality speech. It a sad state of the world that we have to protect ourselves from the true sick-os out there who do not exhibit any moral regard for others. The Registry is a band-aid on a leper - warning everyone to stay away - it has its positive uses, but may not be helping the real problems and sometimes hurts the innocent.