Monday, April 24, 2006

Offend THIS

You know, I am a huge believer in a citizen’s right to privacy. It freaks me out how much information is available on the internet about us- have you ever googled yourself?? But I think that once you are convicted of a sexual crime, you forfeit your right to privacy concerning that conviction.
I say this because I want to know if my neighbor rapes young women. I want to know because I would drastically alter my actions concerning that neighbor. I want to know if someone who lives along the route my cousins walk home from school is a convicted child molester. I want to know if my little brother’s best friend’s uncle likes to have sex with unwilling little boys. I want to know because I want to protect myself and the people that I love, and it is a fact that most of those who have committed a sexual crime will commit another.
I noticed that almost everyone else’s blog mentions sex with a minor. Are we forgetting why that’s against the law? It’s wrong for an older man or women to exploit someone younger than them, even if the person being exploited is 17. Yes, there are cases when convictions are a little ridiculous, but I think that people with cases like the 17 and 18 year old having sex, getting in a fight, and then getting legal about it can explain themselves to their neighbors and employers and not have it be an issue. It sucks, yes. It’s unfair, yes. But I think it’s worth it if it means that dangerous sexual offenders will be listed online as well as the innocuous.
If we’re so worried about our privacy and personal freedoms, then lets start freaking out about taxes, identity theft, and Utah State selling my information, rather than worrying about the privacy of child molesters.

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