Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Muhammad and Opus Dei

It has been interesting to see what circumstances will prompt an explanation, retraction, or apology by the media. Another Muhammad cartoon has made the news. Here is an article searched from the web:

It sounds like the publication claims to have been trying to promote inter-faith unity with the cartoon of Muhammad in Dante’s hell with a humorous caption. The editor of the monthly publication has issued an apology.

Cesare Cavalleri, the editor is also a member of Opus Dei, a conservative (Catholic) organization. Another interesting article is found on the Opus Dei website:

While not claiming responsibility for the cartoon or the publication, Opus Dei has also extended their apology while making comments about the offences they feel from entertainment media concerning "The Davinci Code" book and movie.
It is interesting to see that this organization (religion based) chooses to offer apologies, and offerings of peace rather than to take the stand that the Danish and other European newspapers took on last year’s Muslim cartoons. You can see that the differences between the two organizations and the audiences they serve.

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dairy diva said...

I think that it is interesting as well with the two stances. One created turmoil while the other is trying to resolve misunderstanding.

On the Opus Dei website I really liked the quote: "As the founder of Opus Dei used to say, to err is human and to rectify is Christian." But I disagree that it should still be human to rectify wrongs. Again this shows a religious bias. But that is expected from its website.

Again my thoughts turn to Bok and her commentary on Kant's ideas. He says that the only time humans can find common values is after we are all gone. I hope that is not true.

We need to understand one another as humans. We need to be able to apologize and forgive if offenses are committed. It is to no ones advantage to just offend everyone else. Nothing comes but anger and violence. That just keeps the violence continuing.

As humans we need to keep working toward peace. I think this editor understands that idea and did not mean to offend anyone.