Thursday, April 27, 2006

Media Ownership

As media ownership becomes increasingly concentrated in fewer, wealthier corporations, there is an increased potential for the news to be manipulated by the interests of those who control the corporations. This is a potentially dangerous situation, because we are a democracy and rely on an educated public for our country to run as it should. The first amendment is crucial to the maintenance of all our other freedoms, and if big business is running the news, the first amendment would definitely be compromised. If the public is uneducated or miseducated on current affairs, they won’t make informed voting decisions or hold politicians or corporations accountable. Knowledge really is power, and if a single organization is controlling knowledge, we’re all in really big trouble. The media should be concerned about social justice because their readers are part of society, and social injustice is injustice against their readers.

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Bittymiah said...

There is another side to the conglomeration of media coin. When more and more companies come under the control of one bigger company then the media can be produced with less cost. And since it is cheaper to produce more people can get news.

It may not be the best or give much variety but more people will get it.

I personally don't think it is good but that is just another side of it. I'd rather less people be better informed than more people being less informed.