Sunday, April 02, 2006

justice's ethics in Alabama

I know I have a blog up already, but I was reading the news paper artical, by Walter Williams, and came across a story that was interesting. It talked about Alababma Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker and his pateince (or lack there of) for others in his profession who use their office to impose their values instead of the written law.
Tom voiced his opinions in an artical after a 17yr. old got off death row after raping and stabbing a pregnant woman leaving her to die in front of three children. The reason the 17yr old got off death row was a decison made by the US Supreme Court's 4-5 that banned execution for murderers who were under 18 when they committed their crimes.
After this artical was printed the Alabana's Judicial Inquiry Commision filed complaints against Parker. They charged him with violating Alabama's judicial ethics standards when he publicly criticized his eight supreme court colleagues on their earlier dissions not to execute under 18yr. they also say that it breeds comtempt for the law.
I would like to see what they define as their ethical standards.

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