Saturday, March 04, 2006

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
why is the relationshop between journalism and P.R. both symbiotic and strained?
I never realized the strained relationship between P.R and Journalism.
The agendas between the two are definate contributers to the tension.
One of the main rocks on the road of a happy relationship is what the media is valuing. We saw on, Bowling for Columbine that the news will go where the blood is, the gun in that case. I think that it is sad that the possitive news is fighting to get on the air and any kind of 'bad' news is automatically thrust in the pubics face.
I am not saying that it is the journalist at fault. We already know that sex, death, and drama of any kind sells. With out the sells there would be no P.R. and none of us would have a job.
Looking at the P.R. side they have a lot of their 'happy' stories only because they are trying to 'spin' a story for their employers.
Both areas are doing what they need to for the paper and they both help each other out.

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