Monday, March 13, 2006


selling my ethical values??
This is a hard topic because we never really know what we are going to be faced with in the future that could change our ethical stand point or comprimise our ethics.
I think I will have to take each situation as it comes to me. There are key ethical principals that will not be moved for most people including myself, but there are a lot of areas that can sway back and forth depending on the story/ problem. I don't know if anyone could say for certain that they would or would not to somthing always.
If we are talking money here I don't think I can be bought if it comes to that. I am pretty strong in my beliefs and if I am conviced of somthing it would be hard for somone to change my ethical convictions.

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Moulton said...

Missy, in your thinking, do you make a distinction between doing what's ethical and doing what you feel like?

If so, what is the distinction?