Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let's Compromise...

Would I ever sell my ethics? Well, who says I would even need money for them? Not to say I'm some dirty no-ethics kind of girl, but there are definitely situations where ethics can be, how do I say it, compromised. Here's just a small example, and don't pretend you haven't done it too! So your best friend gets dumped because she has, let's say, cankles. I have no idea how to spell that, but you know what I mean. Well, I would definitely not plan on telling her that her legs don't thin down enough before they reach her foot. She can't help it, so telling her she has cankles can only make her self-conscious. I could either say nothing at all or feed her some bull like most people do- "He' s probably just not ready for a relationship," "You're too good for him anyway,"... So, my friend's is important to me, but did I just give away my value of honesty? I don't think so. Sometimes other people's needs are more important than being the horrible, yet honest, friend.

However, small lies like this can lead to bigger ones, and I can only hope that I would never be willing to sell or give my ethics for anything outside of these tiny unimportant things. If it was necessary to save a person or my family, once again, compromise is the key word.

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Bittymiah said...

Kant would be rolling over in his grave. :)

I once went to a funeral and the father of the 17 year old girl that had just died spoke and he said this: people always say that she was too good to live here or God needed her for something. I don't want to hear that. Tell me the truth. My daughter was in a car with some drunk kids when she shouldn't have been. She died because she made wrong choices. Its easier for me to move on from that. I can't deal with she's too good to live here. If she was to good to be on earth why was she here in the first place. Quit lying to me - it doesn't help - and get down to facts. You can grow from facts not from good feelings.

So I think this guy would disagree with you. Sometimes its better to know that someone dumped you because of your cankles. Maybe then she would realize that the guy that dumped her was a shallow self centered ass and she could more easily move on.