Monday, March 27, 2006

Its all relative

Just like almost everything else we've talked about in this class I feel the question 'how much risk should a reporter ask of their source for story' is relative.

What is the story? There is a big difference between a big story and an important story. Is the reporter asking the source to put themselves for some sensational story that's main function is to sell more papers and further the journalist's career. If the story is important, such as misdeeds of the government, it would be more ethical to ask the source to put themselves in harms way.

As far as giving a grade to the U.S.'s coverage of the east I give them a D. I have rarely seen interviews with individuals. Most of the time it is coverage of them screaming and burning Bush in effigy. I feel like I don't get a personal perspective of the situation. I get it all the time in favor of the American agenda but not an average Eastern man or woman talking about how they are deeply troubled about America's actions. I know they are, but all I see are screaming malcontents in the street.

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galit said...

Being a journalist is a lifestyle. A lot of journalist's devote their entire lives to informing and educating people. Research and information gathering is how journalist's are able to do their jobs. This post reminds me of "Where there's a will there's a way." It just depends how determined a journalist is to get a story out. If asking others to risk themselves will help a story get told then journalist's shouldn't worry about the amount of risk if they are determined enough. Getting the truth and telling a story accurately should be the number one priority for a journalist.

After watching "The Killing Fields", I know that journalists do get attached and are capable of telling the other side of the story. I would give Western media a C+ for their coverage. Afterall the people of Cambodia's story did eventually get told but not necessarily as it was all happening. There will be journalist's hopping on telling the stories of Eastern cultures after the Iraq war ends..(if it does..)