Monday, March 06, 2006

Ethics for sale?

At first thought: Hell no, I won’t sell my ethics.

Second thought: You know, that Michael Moore? He sure has sold his ethics out with his one-sided journalism. How found a huge market for his personal thoughts – sort of presented as fact without scientific review or rebuttal. And we are paying him money to view his opinions. How dare he make money off us in such an unethical manner?

Third thought: Hey, wait a minute, maybe I do the same thing. Every day I communicate to others. Do I tell my boss about the failures I had at work? Do I confess how much time I wasted in non-productive activity? If I were a car salesman, would I tell a customer that he ought to look elsewhere because I don’t have the right vehicle for him to buy?

I think that we compromise our ethics on a daily basis. At what price? Well, how much of my paycheck did I not earn? How much money did I make on that car I sold – the one that was ill suited for the customer?

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ben said...

I agree 100%. I had almost the same thought.

I would love to be able to sell my ethics. Trust would be the first go to. I feel some obligation that keeps me trustworthy and honest. I could rip people off at their expense and reap the benefits. The people on top in our society seem to be the most crooked. Look at our pres, the guy is dirty. I'm fair though, all politicans are just as dirty.

It would also be great to sell off loyalty. I am currently in a situation where loyalty would be great to remove. And even worse, I'm walking on some sort of a breaking tight rope, so no matter what I do, I'm going to be burned. But I'm still working on making the best decision. FUBAR.

Price? I'm thinking a Ferrari F430 for truth. And a Pugani Zonda for loyalty. I will throw in regret for free with either.