Monday, February 27, 2006

Withholding the story

It was wrong for Bush to do the wiretapping in the first place. There are still civic liberties in this country, I assume. That should not be triffled with because of terrorist attacks. Anyway, I have a lot to say on the issue of it being done in the first place but lets move on to not disclosing it.

I think the fact that it was not disclosed shows that the Bush administration knew it was wrong. If what was being done was in fact for the common good shouldn't the community know about it? It is our civilian liberties at stake so why is it being kept from us?

It was no less wrong for the Times to keep it. For the pure and simple fact that it was in the publics interest to know about it. The phones can still be tapped without peoples knowledge or a warrant, people would just know that it was going on. I don't agree with dicision not to run the story.

There are times when discression is best. For example if a lead terrorist is captured and to lure other terroritst out, it is kept hidden that the leader is in custody.

Basically I don't like it and I wish it would stop. But as the article Nancy gave us said from the Christian Science Moniter said, it will and 'democracy' in this country will go on.

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Nancy Williams said...

Bittymiah, you'll appreciate Norman Solomon's column, Journalists should expose secrets, not keep them