Thursday, February 23, 2006

Please...Lay the Politics to Rest!

On February 7, 2006 Correta Scott King, wife of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., was memorialized at a church service that lasted six hours! A fitting service might include family, a close circle of friends, and multi-faithed clergy that had worked over the years with Mrs. King. But Nooo! Make room for the politicians too. The funeral brought out the president and three of his predecessors as well.

President Bush's remarks found the right tone as did his father's remarks (or so I thought). But you knew there was trouble when Bill Clinton brought his wife to the pulpit. Why would a senator from New York be included in the program which was meant for presidential speeches? Bill made reference to the past democratic presidents that were present and hinted about Hilary's prospective presidential run. The congregation obliged by cheering! At a funeral!

Jimmy Carter (who likes to bash his Republican successors) made a cheap comment about how the FBI wiretapped and monitered Martin Luther King's activities. His comments about "surveillance" were meant to embarrass President Bush. At a funeral!

Rev. Joseph Lowery, a long-ago associate of Martin Luther King Jr., also used this nationally televised forum to stir up the political pot by chewing out the present administration's attitude toward the poor people of America and by slamming the whole idea of the war in Iraq! At a funeral!

It sounds like I'm leaning on the Democrats. Maybe I am. But is nothing sacred anymore? A funeral is not the appropriate setting to bash anyone (Republican or Democrat.) A memorial service need not be politicized! Mrs. King deserves better.


jenopus said...

At a funeral! I agree with every time you emphasized that. That is just ridiculous. They might have just stayed home if they were going to do that. My heavens, the dear woman, what she must have been thinking. At Reagan's funeral everything was done very professionally. Nothing stupid. And this woman, who was MARRIED to a civil rights' leader. Granted, she had a mind of her own. But still, I think that's pretty lame.

Buffy said...

Coretta Scott King was an activist and a feminist. Oh, and she was black, too. She was more aligned with the values of the Democratic party than the Republican party. How can you expect politics NOT to be part of her funeral? I would imagine she would have wanted someone to criticize the president's actions.

Black funerals aren't the same type of somber affair that white LDS funerals are. They are longer, louder and full with the entire emotional spectrum. I do believe that your idea of a "fitting service" is not the same as what King's family wanted. I think Mrs. King would have liked her funeral very much.

Nancy Williams said...

teapot, I'm at a loss to see what the media ethics issue is, within your complaint about King's funeral. Should the press not have covered it as a news story, in your view? Every speaker on that program was invited to be there by King's family. Presidents Carter and Clinton are heroes to them and to most African Americans.

Here are a couple of opinions -- poles apart, as you can see -- on the funeral:

Daily Kos (liberal): Republicans desecrate Coretta Scott King's funeral

Michelle Malkin (conservative): UNHINGED AT CORETTA SCOTT KING'S FUNERAL. The Democrats just can't restrain themselves. Absolutely ungodly.

Nancy Williams said...

Here's one more link -- to CNN's report on Coretta Scott King's funeral itself.

It might help to reread the story itself, which is now more than two weeks old.