Thursday, February 23, 2006

Media Ethics: Into the pot, already boiling...

Media Ethics: Into the pot, already boiling...
I couldn't believe this story. I remember watching half of it on an airplane somewhere, but I didn't think it was a true story.

I frist have to say that I liked how they filmed it. You said in class that they did it from the Friends and coleages point of view and it was very fitting. You get to see the lies unravel right in front of you.
I personally liked all the quotes that Glass was spouting off through out the film. "we have an obligation to keep our facts straight." , "a great editor defends his writers","if you don't have it cold you don't turn it in", "You're taking their word against mine?" all of these were so... I was just angered when they were coming out of his mouth. what was so shocking was that Glass knew exactly what he was doing. There was no way that he made a misstake or goofed up. He just lied and didn't care as long as he wasn't caught. That is so crazy to try and comprehend for me.

one of my favorite parts of the movie was when chuck was talking to the 'girl friend' and said "we're all going to make an apology come monday morning for what we let happen." I like that he took on the responsiblity and realized they should have caught this, "It's indefensable what we let happen." They should have know about that 'hole' in the fact checking. It was neat to look and compair and contrast Chuck and Steve. How one was a 'real' journalist and cared about the story, public and what he was writing and the other was about pleasing people and intertainment. weird how our news seems to be bending toward the later of those two.

over all it was an interesting story to watch. I am glad we could take a look inside a situation like that.

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