Sunday, February 12, 2006

Media Ethics: Into the pot, already boiling...

Media Ethics: Into the pot, already boiling...
when I think of loyalties of a journalist I think their biggest loyalty is to the public. Society is why they have jobs, to keep the average person in the know. I think their loyalties coinside with the people or issuse they are doing the stories on and also their companies.
With PR practitioners I would put their loyalties more with the company they work for. Their job is to make that company or product etc.. look as appealing as possible. Their job isn't to show and tell all of the grimy greasy details (if there are any).
My professional values when working in PR would be more of a loyalty to the company. I don't always agree with hiding things from the public, but if that is part of your job; and working as a journalist would be the exact opposite telling the public everything, then you do your job to the best of your abilities.
I don't know if that is right?

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