Sunday, February 26, 2006


So I also missed the post about loyalty and would like to comment on it now.

I believe that journalist should be loyal to the public. It is their job to report truthful stories to their readers. Journalist remain loyal by publishing stories that their readers what to know about. Like someone already mentioned, they do this even if it is not safe or easy for them. Although they work for the people, I think that it might be easy for them to forget that. They also have a loyalty to their publisher and editor. They are relied on by these people.

Individuals in public relations should remain loyal to their companies. They should stand by them and make them look good when possible. It is their job to report the positives about the company and when something negative happens, they help the company get passed it and keep them in a postive light.

Although I am not headed in a career as a journalist, but instead a teacher, I believe that I will also have loyalties. I must be loyal to the school I work for, my students, their parents, and other educators. I can not think of one job in which loyalty should not be a high priority.

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Nancy Williams said...

Loyalty is a lovely value, isn't it. Things only get tough when two of your loyalties conflict.

And they frequently do.

That's where ethical reasoning comes in. Until you have to choose between two things you value dearly, it's easy.