Friday, February 10, 2006


This is late and doesn't count for anything but I feel the need to do it anyway. Partly because I need 20 blogs for the final portfolio and partly because I wanted to say one thing.

I have the same list of ethical problems in the Movie Absence of Malice.

*She looked at the file and published a story about it.

*She printed the abortion story when Perone asked her not to.

*She published the story about Quinn's involvment from a source she could not back up without revealing the source's criminal acts to obtain the knowledge.

The worst ethics problem I saw in it was when Sally Field was writing the story about the abortion. She felt guilty about it when she was writing it with her editor and yet she still went ahead with it.

Sisela Bok said one needed to do three things to make an ethical decision, the first being consult the consience. While one cannot go solely on their intuition or concience, if either of those things appear in one's mind one should seriously evaluate what they are doing.

I think Sally Field saw the flags and just kept on going, and I basically wanted to punch her in the face for it. Okay I think I'm done.

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Moulton said...

"I basically wanted to punch her in the face for it."

Is it ethical to punch someone in the face?

Why or why not?