Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well, well, well...

My name is Jennifer Lyn.
And that's where I will begin.
I am from Lehi.What school? Lehi High.
And that is where I will end.


No, just kidding. Yes, my name is Jennifer Lyn Pulham, but I'd much prefer it if you'd all just call me Jen. Jennifer is such a formal name. Like Walter or Theodore. Are there any Walters or Theodores in the class? Not likely. Anyway, I am from Lehi, as the haiku indicates, and my high school was called Lehi High (say it out loud to find the irony). I'm now a senior...yes...I've made it this far, and I'm majoring in journalism with an emphasis in print.

My top five values are:
1. Family
2. My best friend
3. My bed (can't go wrong there)
4. My religion, faith, and beliefs
5. My health

The top five I gave the media (and this is what they value to write about) are:
1. Politics
2. Murder
3. Religious strife and such
4. Catastrophe
5. Odd news

Obviously they don't really match up with mine. I actually have little interest in politics. I do enjoy a good murder mystery, though. I guess we share the religion thing, except I don't necessarily need the strife to be satisfied. Catastrophes are very interesting to read about, but I'd hate to be in one, unless I new I could help in some way or survive. Probably our strongest common value is "odd news." Who doesn't enjoy skimming through "Weekly World News" to see what's new with Batboy? Oh, man, I love that.

I suppose if I'm to become a journalist, I'll have to become desensitized to a lot of these things. It will be a sad day when a murder doesn't phase me, but that will probably come, in some small degree, at least. I personally hope to write the "odd news". No, I don't want to write for Weekly World. I just want to do the feature stories. You know, about the guy that lives across the street who never comes out of his house but randomly leaves little gifts in the tree for neighborhood children. Wait a minute...that sounds vaguely familiar...


Dave Kennedy said...

Jen, I liked your post. And boy oh boy, you gotta love Bat Boy!

smokey said...

I used to buy the World Weekly News once in a while - for pure entertainment (of which there is a lot to be had in each fun-filled issue). My teenage kids also got a big kick out of it.

Eventually, I quit buying and refused to buy them - it just became too bizzare for me. More importantly was the idea that I did not want my still-impressionalble kids (or myself for that matter) to start believing that those stories are represenative of the world. It may just be my age, but I have begun to believe that many forms of media driven enteratinment are mentally and spiritually damaging.

What do you all think - am I out of line for thinking this way? Are my morals and ethics out-dated?

I will admit that I still wonder what those aliens have been telling President Bush....

Dave Kennedy said...
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Dave Kennedy said...

I would never spend money on a World Weekly; 1) It's not worth that money and 2) I'm a young college student, I don't have that much money in the first place!

However, for me, I love gettin' them as stocking stuffers. Or if life tosses me a wrench and I break my arm (or something wierd) and I'm feeling bummed - the World Weekly is always great for a laugh and a mood-lifter.

However, I must say that I much prefer 'The Onion'. It's equally as weird as World Weekly, but in my opinion, is a little more intelligent. That is, they are often making fun of current or past issues - things are not always completely made up. For example, look at The Onion's Tech & Science page and notice the headline 'Intelligent Falling' Theory.

jenopus said...

The Onion, yes I seem to recall hearing a little bit about that. It was quite funny, I'll admit. I've only ever heard it on the radio, though. I tried once to access the website, but I failed. Perhaps I'll try your link, Dave. Smokey, as to the matter of Weekly World News. I want to assure you that I do not subscribe to it. Nor have I have bought one in my life. I don't believe in their articles, but maybe those guys in Men in Black are onto that the real stuff? I certainly hope so. Life would be a lot more interesting if President Bush was taking advice from the aliens. Ahh, aliens. Bless them for lending us a helping hand. Did you see the news a few weeks ago? There's a sucker born every one minute and 25 seconds! Well, there goes my theory. I was way off. What do you think about all of this, Dave? You seem to also be one who puts stock in a good laugh. Do you think Batboy is good or bad? I'm not quite sure, myself...