Saturday, January 21, 2006

val ue\'valyu\n 1: fair return or equivalent for something exchanged..

2: how much something is worth 3: distinctive quality (as of a color or sound) 4: guiding principle or ideal-usu. pl. ~vb val ued; valuing 1: estimate the worth of 2: appreciate the importance of..

I value:
family-relationships-money-relaxing-having fun-time-transportation

Media values:
tragedy-natural disasters-celebrities-politics-opinions-mitakes-U.S. law-success-human interest

My name is Lydia Erickson, I am a senior majoring in Jounalism with an emphasis in Public Relations my minor is in Marketing. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have one sibling, an older sis.

I believe that although the things I value don't match what I think the media values exactly there is still overlap. The media tends to go through times of human interest (i.e. after hurricane katrina, the tsunami in asia), although not constantly, they go with the flow and the trends of the time. I will always value those around me and the relationships I have with others.

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