Thursday, January 19, 2006

my values meshing with the media's

Hey there everyone! I'm Rebekah Bradway, a sophomore majoring in journalism, specifically print. I'm from the great city of Salt Lake, and I love it there. I just returned this semester from an exchange at the University of Massachusetts though, so I do have a little experience in living outside of Utah.
Regarding my personal values, some of them include life, education, honesty, relationships, and happiness.
One of these values is also highly important in the media- education. Education is one word that sums up the media. Whether the media's information is true or not, it's still educating an audience. Truthfulness depends on the type of media and those getting their news from it. In valuing honesty, I need to be active in looking for specific mediums that I believe to be true. When I read ads or stories from the tabloids, I can just keep in mind that some of the information might not be true.
Life, relationships, and happiness all affect the media as well. These are highly valued for people other than myself, therefore making them good topics to cover. Life is, in a sense, the only topic covered at all.
Because I am looking for a profession in the media for my future, I know situations will arise that will question my values. Honesty is seen to be a huge problem in many media outlets. However, I think that in reporting for newspapers and eventually editing them, the careers I want to have, I will be able to stay truthful.
Most of my values, I think, will actually be amplified in working for the media. I know I will be much more educated with current news as well as historical events. I will have opportunities to develop new relationships and strengthen them. I believe that my life and my happiness will greatly flourish because in working as a journalist, I will be doing what I love.

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