Monday, January 30, 2006

My Philosophy....

You could say that my parents took multiple approachs, or theories, to help us develop our reasoning and values. In my opinion the best advise my parents gave me was to have a mind of my own. All of my siblings have overcome different obstacles in life and therefore we have different views. Although our views vary, my parents rasied us with some of the same philosophy of life. First, I was taught to do unto others as I would want done to me. But I think that that philosophy is ingrained in us by school teachers. My parents used some utilitarianism, they told us that when it comes to decisions that involve others, we were raised to make our choice based on what will beneift the largest number. My mother tried to raise me duty-based, she always told me that I had a good heart and to make decisions based on how I felt. (I hate her for that, I have made too many wrong decisions based on my heart!) My dad is a big people person and tried to emphasize the idea that for me to be successful with people I needed to find a common ground, a middle path.

As I have gotten older I have changed my way of thinking slightly. I think that it is still very important to have a mind of my own, but I have found that as I have gotten older and sometimes struggle to find myself, my mind is sometimes influenced by others. I would like to say I am steering away from duty-based, but my heart tends to get the best of me! With my education and work, I still stay set on chosing what will benefit the largest number. And lately I have started to not care about the consequences and I believe that sometimes there is not a definite answer!

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