Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Miller's goal

If Larry H Miller didn't want the movie watched or shown he has done a lousy job of down playing the movie. Whether Miller took it off for homaphobic reasons or not it dosn't really matter now because everyone is going to go and watch the film to see what the big tado is about. I think it was the best publicity that could have happened for the movie.


Dave Kennedy said...

Don't think I could agree with you more. Despite my conservative tendencies, I still thought that I needed to go see Fahrenheit 911 to see what all the fuss was about. With the huge fuss and loud opinions arising over Brokeback, there is a growing curiosity in me.

I kinda wanna go see it now just so I can really know what everyone's so worked up about and be able to formulate an opinion for myself.

So I agree, Miller's actions will most likely turn out to have done the movie more good.

galit said...

If I owned a theater I would be sure of what I was showing at all times months before the premiere of the movie. Maybe Miller has too much on his plate to run all of his many venues. Even if it was Pooh's Huffalump movie I would be sure I knew what my customer's were watching.