Saturday, January 21, 2006

Me...My Values...and Media Values

My name is Tina Andrews. I have enjoyed living in Logan for many years. I grew up in Provo, UT and enrolled to attend BYU. At the last minute, Dixie College in St George, UT called and offered me a scholarship to attend their lovely (warm) school. After earning my Associates degree I transferred to Logan to attend the lovely (cold) USU. I fell in love with a "local" and got married and have spent the last decade raising a family. My education has been on hold for awhile. My major last century was "Organizational Communications"....I don't think it exsists anymore. I feel like Media Ethics is an ethics class as well as a computer class......In the good old days we used alot of paper, ink, and typewriters. Progress is good!

My five personal values are: Life itself
Freedom to live unoppressed
Family and relationships
Religious Beliefs
A Good and Honest Work Ethic

Media values that seem a priority are: Power
Provision of Information
Hype and Drama
Truth (sometimes)

My values are basic traditional values and they don't mesh so well with today's Media values. Well, maybe there is a little bit of overlap. For example, I enjoy living here in America where I enjoy many freedoms. The agency to think, feel, act and say whatever I choose is a freedom that many in our world do not have. The Media may argue that they reserve the same rights to act freely...write freely. However, their truths can be distorted, their ethics and ideals compromised, and the people whom they serve can be hurt. I am not perfect as a human being. For I can also lie, distort, compromise and hurt....if I choose to. That is where my religious beliefs come into the picture. I choose to render overall goodness to the world. Can the Media say that? Is that even a possibility? If the Media rendered "goodness to the world", would it be fair, be truthful, be objective or for that matter, put food on the Media worker's tables? Probably not.
I will probably never have a career in the media. I don't know if I have what it takes. I look forward to learning about ethics. Choosing to act ethically can and will enrich all of our lives.

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