Monday, January 16, 2006

Larry H. Miller pulled Brokeback Mountain from his Theater

Did Larry H. Miller make this decision only because the movie deals with homosexuals? Why would Miller pull a movie about homosexuals and not a movie about murder (i.e. Hostel). Here are the shows now playing in the same theater that Brokeback Mountain was pulled:

Bok's first step in her model to ethical decision making in Chapter 1 of Ethical Decision Making is:

Consult your own conscience about the "rightness" of an action. How do you feel about the action?

Just something to think about....


Moulton said...

Further comments on this story can be found on CultureVultureBlog.

ben said...

I find it pretty funny. You can have a movie where people are being murdered in very graphic and horrble ways, and nobody cares. Hostel is playing in three theatres at the Megaplex. It's amazing that two gay cowboys are more offensive than a man getting his toes lopped off with a bolt cutter.

It makes me think of an episode of South Park. I may have just lost all credibility with that sentence, but that's okay. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman all find a way to purchase knives and throwing stars at a local fair. While playing with these weapons they end up gouging their friend, Butters, in the eye with a throwing star. The boys then have to find a way to get Butters to the hospital without their parents finding out, because they don't want to lose the weapons. They end up dressing the nearly dead friend up like a dog so that a vet who doesn't ask questions will remove the star.

The boys end up getting caught. The whole town is at a big show, and Butters stumbles across the stage. At first the people just thought Butters was a dog, but eventually learned the truth. Just as the boys were getting in trouble, Cartman streaked across the stage. He did it because he thought he was invisible, but there was an indirect effect that he had not planned on.


The townspeople were all in shock over the nudity. They forgot all about poor little Butters and the throwing star because they were absolutly horrified by naked Cartman. All was forgotten and Butters got the help he needed, and of course Cartman was in trouble for the streaking thing. I think that episode is pretty accurate when pointing the way us Americans see sex related topics.

galit said...

BTW I saw Brokeback a couple weeks ago, and again this past weekend. It was one of the best movies and love stories I have ever seen or heard of. It is also unlike any movie I have ever seen, it just had a different feel to it, I think that had a lot to do with how it was directed. I'd be willing to see it again.