Friday, January 27, 2006

How far I've come....

I came from a simple family with simple values. My Mom and Dad were engaged only three days before they eloped after only knowing eachother for three weeks, they discussed in one night their values (i.e. kids, money, religion, careers, etc.) and then took off. They didn't raise me or my sister with a specific religion or belief in a higher being. The only thing that was stressed was, to be truthful, always do what you feel is right and work hard for everything.

It feels like I've made a complete loop around to test what I truly value. Not being raised with religion or belief in anything, I've had to discover on my own. I've been a regular member to a couple different religions and am now right back to where I started when I was being raised by my parents.

I still lean on those core values that my parents taught me and the one that has stuck with me the strongest has been to be truthful. I would say that I lean toward Kant slightly in that I can't tell a lie, I'm a horrible liar and have been taught that it is the worst thing to do. I would also consider myself duty-based because I don't have a rule book or set of guidelines to follow from any organized belief system, I rely on myself and my heart to tell me what is right.

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