Friday, January 20, 2006

Ethical issues

So I am writing my very first ethical post while I am at work - on the clock mind you. Is that ethical? Probably not, but it sure feels good being paid to do homework. Moving on.

My name is Jeremiah but everyone who's anyone calls me Bitty. Jeremiah is so outdated. Why didn't my parents just call me Jebidiah and get it over with. I grew up in Cedar City, Utah with my seven sisters. Yes, it was awful just in case you were thinking that.

My top 5 values were:
1. Family
2. God
3. Open-mindedness
4. Humor
5. Innocence

What I thought the media's were:
1. Profit
2. Objectivity
3. Diversity
4. Politics
5. Looks

I thought we were similar in the fact that I value open-mindedness and they value diversity. We were different in the fact that they value politics and I absolutely loathe them. I think their primary objectives are the "here and now" with money and mine are more spiritual and eternally based.

I am a broadcast/print journalism major. I attended SUU and BYU before coming here. I'm actually doing an internship in Berlin next semester! I expect everyone to be as excited as I am.

I know that media's values and my own will conflict but in conflict sometimes our values become stronger. That's what I'm hoping for.

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