Sunday, April 16, 2006

sex offernders and rights....

I have to say that I am in favor of anything to keep track of sex offenders. I think they should have to put signs in their yards warning everyone that can see that there is a sex offender in their neighborhood.
This new idea of having your children tracked is great! use the info. out there to keep them safe and away from these perps.
I know that there is a law that is trying to use the death penalty on sex offenders that have been convicted of rape on two accounts for 12yr. olds and younger.
I don't think these people (sex off.) are sick because that would mean that they could have a cure or get some help for their illness, but they can't. sex offenders will perp on your kids and grand kids. they are too tollerated in this society. they need harsher punishment and consequences for their actions.
I believe that they give up their rights as soon as they invade or rape-molest someone.


ben said...

What about the person who was in the "wrong place at the wrong time?" Not everybody on the sex offender registry is a devil-worshipping pedophine who only dreams of being with children.

There are some people who get in a bad situation, things happen to fast, and afterwards the girl feels guily and claims rape. I've seen that happen many times, and it ruins lives; and has me very nervous about who I go out with.

The system itself is seriously flawed and gives too much power to people who shouldn't have power. Also, if we are going to register criminals, why only sex offenders? The kids who continually assualt my car are giving more grief that any sex offender ever has.

missy said...

are you for real???
you are going to compair a sex offender to a person(kid) who hit or cracked a window on your car?!
one act is violating another person and the other is violating an object... and then to say that those "kids" are doing more harm than any sex offender ever did, What are you talking about?
Sex offences ruin lives, kill, maime, and destroy people. Then again I am sure that a car is as important as a human life! oh the drama that follows a cracked window and lets not even talk about new paint job or a windshield that brings tears to my eyes! (that was sarcasm if you didn't catch it)
I suppose if you were talking about persons assulting one another we could at least have a chat about it, but not an inatimate object.
I understand that not everyone on the registry is a child molester or as you put it a "devil-worshipping pedophine", but I don't think we have little angles on there either.
So you know of some girls that claimed false rape? well I know of some children that claimed rape and have seen what it does to them.
All I have to say is that it is better to be safe than sorry.
also on the registry it shows different degrees of sex offences, whether it is a first offence, second, etc... no matter what happend these people have to be proven guilty to be put on the system this is our system.
You say that the system is flawed giving too much power to "people who shouldn't have power."
Who are you to say who should or shouldn't have power?
Maybe it's just me, but I think everyone should have the power to speak out against abuse.

ben said...

The registry makes you feel safe? It's a security blanket, nothing else. It will not prevent somebody who has real problems, it will just let people know where they live. And what they drive. And as we have seen in the news recently, that's just been getting them killed.

Maybe instead of focusing on harrassment we need to setup a system that actually works to deter and prevent, rather than pass the buck. Our justice system from pety theft to murder isn't a deterent, and it needs to change.

You could take and list every rapist in America, and set them up with GPS tracking devices, and it will only insure one thing; a lot of money being spent.

Now to the car. The car being vandalized has a nice mental effect on security and safety. It leaves a person with a hopeless feeling of not being safe. Why? Because every waking minute that person is wondering if their car is being vandalized. Then to come home and find it to be true, call the police and have nothing happen because "they are just being kids." Them "just being kids" cost me a lot of money and a lot of sleep. Sure it's just a car, but there is a lot more to it than that.