Monday, April 03, 2006

Can't live without you.....

Journalists and Public Relations people need each other. In Patterson and Wilkins we learned that no news organization is large enough to gather all the day's news without several public relations sources. Press releases share information every day concerning business earnings, new products, travel, entertainment, etc. In return, the media provide the audience that the P.R. profession requires. They want the publicity. So they scratch the back of one another.
Each profession define the news differently too. To thePublic Relations professional, the lack of breaking news is newsworthy....when things are flowing along smoothly. For the journalist the big stories lie in the areas where there is a change in the status quo....when things go wrong or at least differently than they normally do.
I heard Condoleeza Rice on Meet the Press two Sundays ago. The interviewer asked her about the horrific bombings that occurred that particular week in Bagdhad. She admitted that these incidents were terrible.....but could they shift the conversation to the many good things that were taking place in the other 15 provinces of that area?? I give about a B- for a grade to the Western Media. They surely show us all the tragedy. I would be interested to learn more from a different angle. From all walks of life living in Iraq and their day to day existence. What is it like? Many support the U. S. troops being in their midst helping them to gain the freedoms that they deserve.....obviously others do not!

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