Monday, March 06, 2006

Going once, going twice...

The first ethic I would sell would obviously be my loyalty to my friends. Man, they suck. Just kidding. Copyright infringements. That would be my thing. I'm already burning cds, so I might as well start plagiarizing and stealing stuff from the Internet. I'm not kidding, either. Well, to a certain extent. I probably wouldn't plagiarize stuff too much. But I would download stuff I'm not supposed to. And all that Jazz. I've already gone halfway, anyway, I might as well do the full thing.

At what price? At what price would I participate in a somewhat illegal activity that is probably one of the most commited crimes in America? I don't know, a couple hundred dollars to be a full-time Internet thief.

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dairy diva said...

I think you make a good point. How many people already download or burn CDs illegally? That does not seem major but it is still. It really comes down to stealing.

I can say I have only two burned CDs in my possession. It is a major concern of mine. Being a writer I hate the idea of someone plagiarizing and receiving credit for my work. There is no difference between a musician or even for that matter, an actor or actress. Even more than CDs is my dislike for people who burn DVDs.

I know of someone who rents DVDs to just burn them. I think that is really wrong.

But anyway, I have to agree that copyright infringements would be on my list of ethics for sale. For some reason it does not seem as harmful to me as does lying. But in reality that is wrong. It is just another way of stealing and lying. If I plagiarize I would be lying for taking credit for something I didn't do.

The price... I don't know if I could sell my ethics. When money is mentioned I automatically go on the defensive and refuse to sell that item. So if it comes down to money, I probably would not have it involved. Now, awards and recognition would be my pitfall. Being recognized for doing something great is a weakness for me. The only way I would plagiarize is if it would come down to me being awarded or not. Otherwise I probably would not "sell out."