Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wowza, that was a good show.

So I just watched the movie Shattered Glass and I just loved it.

I thought it was so amazing how he could just lie and lie and lie and lie. Even when he was bold faced confronted about one of his lies he instantly popped up with another one. Glass absolutely refused to admit he'd lied.

If Glass isn't interested in being a journalist he'd be a good sociopath, serial killer or car salesman.

I thought it was awesome of him to say that all of his sources were fictional and fictional people don't write letters to the editor. Fictional people do however write faxes and make shotty websites when they need to.

When it showed 60 Minutes' interview with Chuck, Glass' editor, I agree with Chuck when he said if Glass said the sun was shining he would immediatly check with two other people.

Glass was so fabulous in his lies that it ruins his credibility for life. It's relevant to me saying Glass could be a serial killer. I don't care what he says you don't ask Ted Bundy to babysit. Bundy might tell you he is sorry etc. but I'm not trusting Bundy with my kids and I certainly won't trust Glass with my news.

He cried on his friends' shoulders and continued to lie to their faces. It's hard to trust a man, let alone a journalist, after that. Glass would, however, make a good lawyer and I wish him the best of luck in that.

Not that anyone cares but I give the movie an A. I even like how it ended up that his talking to the high school class was fake. I was thoroghly disgusted and entertained and I loved it.

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