Monday, January 23, 2006

a word about my values

My name is Amanda Cannon. I'm majoring in history and journalism with an emphasis in PR. This simply is an indication of the struggle I had deciding on a major. I've considered almost every field at some point.

I may change my mind frequently, but there are a few things that have always been important to me. First, I value respect. I tend to be even-tempered, and the only times in my life when I've really been angry with someone have been when they have been disrespectful to someone else. Second, I value family. I have seven brothers and sisters. They are my favorite people in the world. I have a habit of rambling on telling stories about them. They are my life, and I would do almost anything for any of them. Third, I value religion. I value my religion, and I value the beliefs of others. I also value happiness. Amid all of the miserable things that can happen in life, I believe it's important to search out good things and try to keep a positive outlook. Finally, I value rest. Without it, I would never make it through the day.

I realize that my values don't always match up with media values. Respect isn't their top priority, and the presses never rest. I figure that with each situation, I'll have to determine what is most important. I think those conflicting values will give me the opportunity to prove to myself that I really am the person I believe myself to be. I think a person really shows what they value through their decisions and actions.

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