Monday, January 23, 2006

Introduction/Top 5 Values

Hey everyone. My name is Carly Farr, and I'm from Ogden. I've attended the U of U, Weber State, the University of Alicante in Spain, and now Utah State, where I'm majoring in early childhood and elementary education. My top 5 values are, in no particular order: charity, gratitude, courage, honesty, and individuality. I think that the media values courage and gratitude;everyone does. However, I believe that although most media, in particular the news, likes to imagine that honesty is one of its highest values, in reality honesty is unappreciated, particularly when the truth is in conflict with the agenda of the media source. I think the media is completely unconcerned with charity. The true clash I see between my values and the media's is the emphasis I place on individuality and the individual himself. I think the media not only undervalues the idea of the individual, but is, quite frankly, at war with it. From the liberal news to the super produced "rockstars" on MTV, I think that in general (because of course there are exceptions), the media stifles creativity, individuality, and differing opinions. For me, in the extremity of my beliefs, I'm not sure the clash is resolvable. Which is why I'm not looking for a future in that profession.

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